Evidences with Buddy Payne and Todd Chandler

January 6, 2023

Friday: 6:30-8:30pm

  • God is In Sight – The Story of the Beginning of Sight (Todd)

The Darwinian explanation of the human eye starts with a story of a single cell that developed sensitivity to light. We look at the beginning of that tale to see what it takes just to get the story started.

  • Molecular Machines (Buddy)

Every living cell is replete with amazingly complex and efficient molecular machines – Design or the blind forces of physics acted on by natural selection?

Saturday: 6:30-8:30pm

  • The Poor Design Argument: Theology in Darwinism (Todd)

Darwin, like some before him and many after, brought God into the argument for evolution by citing examples of things in nature that looked to him like poor design. In other words, Darwin’s theory is heavily built on his presumptions about God; his theology.

  • The Poor Design Argument: Junk DNA & the Human Eye (Buddy)

Two recent examples of things that evolution proponents declared to be poorly designed, and thus supported evolution, not creation.


  • 9 AM: Biology in Education (Todd)

Science claims to provide absolute answers about reality, but nearly every other academic discipline insists all truth is relative. Why is science allowed to claim absolute truth, and what are the implications to that?

  • 9:50 AM: Have This Mind – Phil. 3:7-16 (Buddy)

Can Christians develop such single-minded devotion as expressed in Philippians 3:7-16?

  • 5 PM: The Immune System (Buddy)

Our bodies are under constant attack from enemies of all sorts. The more scientists discover about the astoundingly intricate and complex immune system, the more boldly it declares, “Design!