Peters Sermon

The Book of Acts (this month s book) contains numerous examples of how one is converted to Jesus Christ. Luke makes a point to record many of the sermons that led to these conversions, and even some that led to no recorded conversions! Over 20 sermons are included in the book of Acts making-up the majority of the text in the book. As you read this week, focus on what Peter, as he was inspired by the Holy Spirit on the day of Pentecost, said about the salvation available through Jesus the Christ. It wasn t just a sermon for those gathered on that day, but a model sermon of the gospel message for all time.

Intoduction Joel 2:28-32

I. All part of God s Plan (v22-23)
a. Scripture foretold it.
b. We have seen it

II. Jesus Raised from the Dead (v24-32)
a. Scripture foretold it.
b. We have seen it.

III. Jesus was Exalted to the Right Hand of God (v33-35)
a. The Holy Spirit was sent (We have seen it).
b. Scripture foretold it.

IV. Therefore, Jesus is the Christ (v36)

V. What you need to Do: (v37-38a)
a. Repent.
b. Be baptized in His name.

VI. What you will Receive: (v38b-39)
a. Forgiveness of Sins
b. Gift of the Holy Spirit

Peter lays forth his argument by emphasizing two ideas for each point he presents: the Old Testament foretold these events as they themselves could read and see, and that they had seen these events take place and thus they knew it to be true. While we haven t seen it today, we have the New Testament that serves as our guide or witness to these events.

What s amazing about the gospel message, is that it hasn t changed. The foreknowledge and fulfilled prophecy of God and the resurrection and the ascension still prove that Jesus is the Christ; we are still expected to repent and be baptized; and we still receive salvation through His name if we do so. This message worked for Peter because it was God s message. It will work if we diligently proclaim it today for the same reason. So let s learn how we should preach from Peter s Sermon in Acts 2, his 6 other sermons recorded in the book, the 11 sermons of Paul, and the other men who preached the Gospel in the church s infancy. Look for more Acts sermon outlines in future Good News Bulletins!