Fulfilling Your Role In The Body

by Reagan McClenny


Scripture: 1 Cor 12:11-27 Nov 19, 2017

1 Corinthians 12:11-27; Romans 12:3-8; Ephesians 4:11-16

Four Points in All Three Texts:

1. We all have a God-given role to play in the body.

2. Do not think too highly or too lowly of your role.

3. The body will not function properly without all its members fulfilling their roles.

4. We all need to find and perform our role, not every role.

66 Things to Be Done in the Body:

Reagan McClenny

Ephesians 4:16 “...from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes the growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.”

  1. Host and/or organize a Bible study outside of the regular meeting times (men’s study, ladies’ study, etc.).
  2. Pray, read, meditate, and study daily for personal growth necessary to “bear your own load” and be in a position to help others spiritually.
  3. Drop of groceries for a struggling family, a “frazzled momma,” new parents, a college student, a widow/widower, etc.
  4. Greet and seek to get to know new Christians and Christians new to our number. Do whatever you can to welcome them.
  5. Take the initiative to contact brothers or sisters who were not at the regular assemblies. Do so in love, giving the “benefit of the doubt,” and seeking to help how you can.
  6. Emphasize spiritual things to our children—the first line of evangelism!
  7. Continue to teach Bible classes as you get older instead of “retiring” for others to take over. Don’t waste your wisdom!
  8. Go to teachers to offer specific help with the preparations for Bible classes (making copies, cutting out illustrations, etc.).
  9. Be willing to listen to and understand your brother or sister before offering any advice (and realize that sometimes advice is not what was sought or needed).
  10. Attend every funeral you can for the loved ones of brethren.
  11. Take the time to have meaningful conversations with those who are sometimes “overlooked” or are reserved in personality.
  12. Confess your sins to each other and pray for one another that you may be healed—spiritually!
  13. Don’t allow a brother or sister’s sin with which they have long struggled to become “taboo” to the point that you don’t ask them how they are doing in that regard. Ask in kindness, seeking to help.
  14. Volunteer to do yard work for widows, sick, overwhelmed, etc.
  15. Provide labor when it is needed to help others move houses, cut fallen trees, run new sewer lines, etc.
  16. Encourage others by attending services faithfully, even when it is difficult.
  17. Mind your influence. Be a good example of how a Christian acts, talks, thinks, and worships to those who look up to you.
  18. Provide rides to doctor’s appointments, treatments, and tests, especially for those who are uncomfortable driving in the city.
  19. Be willing and ready to give when there are special financial needs.
  20. Read the “reports” we receive from men preaching the gospel with whom we have fellowship to stay up to date with their efforts.
  21. Support those with whom we have fellowship in the preaching of the gospel with your prayers, contribution, and notes of encouragement.
  22. Pray daily that Christians (including you!) might have doors of opportunity in evangelism, wisdom to see them, and courage to walk through them.
  23. Host a Bible study or devotional in your home.
  24. Warmly welcome a visitor and get to know them, have them fill out a visitor’s card, and talk to the elders and evangelists about who they are and what their “story” is.
  25. Invite a visitor you’ve gotten to know out to eat or into your home to get to know them better.
  26. Devote a Sunday to sit somewhere different in the auditorium to try and “catch up” with the brethren in that area.
  27. Volunteer to cook part of a meal for a family after a funeral.
  28. Pray for our elders, deacons, and evangelists in their work.
  29. Have patience with those who are weak; be willing & quick to forgive.
  30. Go to a brother or sister who is in sin and confront them in meekness and love for their soul.
  31. Withdraw your fellowship from a brother or sister when instructed by the scriptures to do so (following the direction of the elders).
  32. Avoid arguments and divisions over “doubtful things,” that are not matters of faith.
  33. Take the time to thank those who lead an insightful prayer, lead us in an uplifting song service, or have good thoughts in teaching.
  34. Go and read scripture (especially Psalms) to those under hospice care.
  35. Volunteer to teach Bible class. It’s good for everyone (the congregation, the kids, the parents, and you)!
  36. Be mindful of brethren who might need special attention and encouragement at certain times throughout the year, especially those without family nearby (the holiday season, Veteran’s Day, anniversaries of events, etc.)
  37. Pay special attention to help and encourage those who have lost their marriage partner through death or divorce.
  38. Offer to babysit for an evening for a mother who needs a break!
  39. Actively seek to help others with projects with their house, car, etc.
  40. Have others into your home for “non-spiritual” occasions.
  41. Send via text, call, or note your thanks for the faithfulness and work of a brother or sister.
  42. Forgive others. Have grace when you’ve been wronged. Let things go when they don’t matter.
  43. Pray for brethren by name, especially when they’re going through spiritual struggles, not just when they’re going through physical hardship or sickness. Pray for their joy, growth, and faithfulness.
  44. Give rides to services, devotionals, gospel meetings, and lectureships.
  45. Deliver a care package for the family stuck sitting at the hospital.
  46. Send via text, call, or note encouraging and edifying thoughts and scriptures to someone going through a hard time. Take the time to give a list of topical scriptures for them to read on their own.
  47. Smile, be friendly, and have joy in Christ!
  48. Take the time to notice others countenance and ask how others are doing with purpose and sincerity. If you “read between the lines” that something isn’t going well, follow up with them!
  49. Be patient with & seek to help mothers with children at the assembly.
  50. Speak well of others, exchange compliments, be positive about the church/brethren/leadership/evangelism, etc.
  51. Pass along a book of a spiritual nature that has helped you.
  52. Pass down clothes/household items to other Christians who need them.
  53. Run errands for the sick/shut-in/widowed/new parents, etc.
  54. Support brethren in their secular businesses whenever possible.
  55. Teach someone else something you know how to do (cooking, carpentry, sewing, handiwork, how to use technology, mechanical, etc.).
  56. Sit with the family in the waiting room when someone is having surgery.
  57. Be willing to share your experiences of faith if it will help another.
  58. Speak of God and the things of God in everyday conversation with other Christians. Don’t be hesitant to bring up spiritual things.
  59. Serve at the Lord’s Table with a focused mind.
  60. Partake of the Communion with the reverence & discernment it demands.
  61. Sing out with appropriate emotion (most often, JOY!) in worship to God and in teaching and encouragement to your brethren.
  62. Give of your means cheerfully, as you’ve purposed in your heart.
  63. Be actively engaged in public prayer (consider carefully what you say when you lead, knowing you are praying for everyone, and listening intently to say “amen” when others are praying publicly).
  64. Preach the Truth of the Word of God in love and wisdom, no matter the consequences (in season and out of season).
  65. Be an active listener to sermons to the encouragement of the speaker and those who are around you. Take notes to remember the lesson for personal application and teaching of others.
  66. AND MUCH, MUCH MORE!!! What are you doing this week?

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list—especially by your faithful service to God and your brethren.