Make Me A Servant

We have started singing a song from our supplemental book, “Make Me A Servant.” I wonder if we realize what we are singing.

		For my part, I am happy to serve. That is, as long as it fits in with my schedule and doesn’t get in the way of my goals and my favorite activities and tv shows. I am happy to serve on my terms, when it pleases me and when I will get credit for it from others. I am happy to serve when others are watching and take notice. <br /><br />
		But am I really happy to be a servant! A servant doesn’t serve when it is convenient. A servant is one who serves because the master says to (Lk. 17:7-9). A servant simply serves because that is his job. He doesn’t stop to ask if it meets his terms. He doesn’t stop to see if anyone is looking. He simply serves. <br /><br />
		I don’t mind serving as long as I get to remain in control. I get to choose when, where and how far I am to to go in my serving. Once I lose that control, I become vulnerable. If I take this serving thing too far, you might take advantage of me. I certainly don’t want that to happen. Surely God doesn’t expect me to let that happen, does He? <br /><br />
		Do I really want God to make me a servant, just like His Son? Do I really want to spend my life in the service of God and others knowing full well that most of the people I strive to serve won’t appreciate it, won’t care about me and might even turn on me? Do I really want to be a servant knowing it will cost me my life in more ways than one? <br /><br />
		That is the struggle we face when we become Christians. According to 1 Pet. 1:22, we were purified for a sincere love of the brethren. One of the reasons we obeyed the truth and received cleansing was so we could love God’s children. Further, in Phil. 2:3,4 we are told to view others as more important than ourselves. Being a servant is merely a natural response from those who truly love and truly see other as more important than themselves. <br /><br />
		The next time my wife wakes me from a doze asking me to do something I know she could do for herself, I must not gripe and complain. I must not lash out. I should serve. After all, I am to be a servant. <br /><br />
		The next time a brother or sister puts out a plea for help, I shouldn’t rely on everyone else to get the job done. Rather, I should be there to love and serve. After all, I am to be a servant. <br /><br />
		Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying I have this servant thing down. I am growing in it as well. However, if we are going to sing “Make Me A Servant Just Like Your Son,” then I am going to have to be ready for the consequences. I am going to have to quit serving on my time and become a true servant of God and of others.</p>