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Our Identity in a Disoriented World

Our Identity in a Disoriented World

August 27, 2023
Are you growing more and more disoriented in our quickly changing world? Join us for a series of Bible lessons presented by Shawn Bain of Murfreesboro, Tennessee as we seek to reorient ourselves on the solid ground of identity in Jesus Christ.All are welcome!When you come, you can expect simple... Read more
Our Spiritual Journey

Our Spiritual Journey

March 5, 2023
a series of Bible lessons with Larry McClenny March 5-9 Timberland Drive church of Christ912 South Timberland Drive Sunday: 9:am, 9:50am, 5pmMonday- Thursday: 7pm

Evidences with Buddy Payne and Todd Chandler

January 6, 2023
Friday: 6:30-8:30pm God is In Sight – The Story of the Beginning of Sight (Todd) The Darwinian explanation of the human eye starts with a story of a single cell that developed sensitivity to light. We look at the beginning of that tale to see what it takes just to... Read more
Tyler Sams

Tyler Sams

August 11, 2022
Thursday, 7pm — “Zaccheus” Friday, 7pm — “A Society with the Wrong Answers” Saturday, 2pm — “Can I Trust my Bible?” Sunday Class, 9am — “What Jesus Said about Homosexuality” Sunday, 9:50am — “Portraits of Servanthood — Onesiphorus” Sunday, 5pm — “Portraits of Servanthood — Dorcas”

Colly Caldwell

February 27, 2022
JOIN US FOR A WEEK OF BIBLE STUDY! with Colly Caldwell 7pm, nightly 9am, 10am, 5pm Sunday

They Devoted Themselves - Acts 2:42

July 30, 2021
July 30-31 | 6-12th Grades An Intensive Study on Fellowship with Kris Emerson Friday 7-8pm Introduction Saturday 10am-12pm Study + Application 12-3pm Lunch (9-12 @ the Vaughns, 6-8th @ the Siscos) 3-5pm Study+Application 5-7pm Supper (location TBA) 7-9pm Singing (All ages welcome )

Todd Chandler - Every Thought Captive to Christ

October 20, 2019
Every Thought Captive to ChristA Special Bible Study Series with Todd ChandlerTOPICS:Sunday @ 9:00am—”Thoughts about Thinking” @ 9:50am—”Psalm 90” @ 5pm—”Jehoshaphat”Monday @ 7pm—”The BOGO Relationship of Law & Sin”Tuesday @ 7pm—”Raising the Bar”Wednesday @ 7pm—”God’s Power Shows Sin’s Power”Thursday @ 7pm—”Why Sinners Wanted to be with Jesus”Friday @ 7pm—”Family”... Read more

In His Time - Young Ladies’ Retreat

June 28, 2019
Ecclesiastes 3:11 – “He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” Friday @ 6:30 Sommer Emerson—“He Has Set Eternity in Our Hearts” “Coffee after Curfew with Mrs. Nancy”... Read more
Aspiring to Another Level

Aspiring to Another Level

March 3, 2019
Lessons to Encourage a Higher, Stronger, & Deeper Faithwith Kenny Moorer of Florence, AlabamaSunday 9am: Made for FaithSunday 9:50am: Faith Comes by HearingSunday 5pm: Aspiring to Another Level of FaithMonday 7pm: Providence, Prayer, FaithTuesday 7pm: The Walk of FaithWednesday 7pm: The "Cross" of FaithThursday 7pm: Genuine Faith
From Creation to Revelation

From Creation to Revelation

October 18, 2018 Location: The Pines Theater in Downtown Lufkin
Examining the Evidence for the God of the Bible OCTOBER 18-20 @ The Pines Theater in Downtown Lufkin featuring Dr. H.E. “Buddy” Payne, Dr. Doy Moyer, & Dr. Thaxter Dickey Thursday “Does God Exist?” 6:30 PM—The Psychological Argument for God 7:10 PM—Intermission 7:20 PM—The Scientific Argument for God 8:0... Read more
A Biblical Focus on Marriage

A Biblical Focus on Marriage

March 22, 2018
Timberland Drive Church of Christ invites you to: A Biblical Focus on Marriage with Shawn Bain from Somerset, KY THURSDAY 7:00 PM SPIRITUAL INTIMACY: THE # 1 INTIMACY IN MARRIAGE FRIDAY 7:00 PM HAVING A FOCUSED MARRIAGE IN A BUSY WORLD SATURDAY 9:30 AMLEADERSHIP OF A HUSBAND (MEN)SUBMISSION OF A... Read more

Practical Tips for Serving God with David Watson

March 5, 2017 Location: Timberland Drive church of Christ
Sunday - Thursday March 5-9, 2017 We are thankful for David Watson being with us to preach on the theme, "Practical Tips for Serving God.” David’s topics, and a brief description of each, are listed below, along with information about obtaining recordings. Sunday 9am: Tested By Fire - Peter teaches... Read more