Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Divorce: The word is used so casually in modern society that it seldom even provokes a response. People are divorced for all sorts of reasons and at all stages of marriage. Even the courts recognize what they call “no-fault divorce.” We see something different when we view divorce from God’s point of view.

Divorce is a destroyer. It tears apart husbands and wives. Two people who once loved each other enough to exchange vows that hold great and eternal connotations now fight over what is hers and what is his. They refer to each other in terms reserved for only the most vile.

Divorce is a destroyer. It tears apart families. Children, through no fault of their own, are dragged through the most bitter proceedings imaginable, many blaming themselves. Grandparents are denied access to the grandchildren they love, so that vengeful games may be played out.

Divorce is a destroyer. It tears apart nations. Many of the ills of our time can be traced to the culture of divorce. Crime runs rampant, much of it committed by children in single parent homes, homes lacking in the essential element of either mother of father. Sexual immorality despite the threat of AIDS and other diseases, continues to increase, especially among those characterized as divorced/swinging singles. Loyalty and respect for tradition are cast aside by those who would trample upon the marriage vow.

Divorce is a destroyer. It tears apart churches. Our country is now filled with churches unwilling to preach the truth of God’s word on divorce. Some have gone beyond this and have accepted falsehood. Many elders have spent hours in prayer and study because members whose divorces threaten to divide and destroy the flock they serve.

This special issue of Abundant Life is devoted to the topic of marriage, divorce and remarriage as discussed in the scriptures. There are happier subjects to write about, but few are more important, because this is an issue which jeopardizes the church of God. The writers for this issue write with heavy hearts as they survey the state of marriage in this nation, but especially as it affects the church.

It is not our intention to be entirely negative on this subject. We have included articles about choosing a mate properly, as well as maintaining marriage through God’s instructions. It is also not our intention to offer our own opinions about divorce. Clearly, though they may be respected, our writers have no “special” insight into this problem except as they turn to God and His word for answers. That is exactly where we have endeavored to go. Together, through His word, we believe all can come to understand God’s will for man in marriage.