The First Drink

To her parents, Katie was the perfect child. She was doing well in school, planning a career in law and dating a boy they liked. She was the least likely person to get into trouble. Just before her 16 th birthday, Katie attended a party with friends. During the evening, she was passed a bottle of liquor. To her parent s knowledge, she had never taken a drink before this moment. Katie had a choice to make. Would she take the first drink?

Most teenagers face a similar choice. When your moment comes, there are some important reasons to refuse that first drink. (1) Drinking messes with your mind (Proverbs 23:29-35). From the very first drink, alcohol begins to break down your judgment. This is why people frequently get into trouble when they drink. Remember that we are fighting an intense battle with Satan (I Peter 5:8). We cannot afford to sacrifice any of our self-discipline. (2) Drinking shrinks your influence. If you saw one of your elders sitting at a bar drinking beer, would you be surprised? Upset? Angry? Of course you would! This conduct does not fit with a person striving to live a holy life (I Peter 1:13-16). (3) Drinking puts you on a slippery slope. Once you take the first drink, you open the door for all kinds of potential problems (drunk driving, alcoholism, disease, death). While these things do not happen to every person who drinks, it will certainly happen to a percentage of those who start.

What about Katie? She chose to take that first drink. In fact, she drank a lot that night. When she got home, she was barely conscious. When her dad tried to wake her up a few hours later, her body was cold. He tried to resuscitate her, but it was too late. Katie died. She made the wrong choice.

When your moment comes, make the right choice.