One Thing You Still Lack

by Reagan McClenny


Scripture: Matt 19:20-21 Dec 10, 2017

This lesson looks at the account of the "Rich Young Ruler" in Matthew 19:16-22 and considers the concept of how we overcome the "one thing we still lack." Obviously, we probably have several things with which we struggle spiritually from time to time, but many of us have "one big thing" that we aren't fighting like we should. "One thing" has our heart, keeps us from following Jesus like we should, and could keep us out of heaven! How do we overcome this "one thing?" Jesus gives us the blueprint in his response to this young man!

•Overcoming My “ONE THING” Requires:

1. An Honest Acknowledgement of What I Lack
“What do I still lack?”

2. A Personal Desire to Change
“If you want to be perfect”

3. An Executable Plan of Action

“Go, sell everything you have and give to the poor”

4. An Emphasis on the Spiritual over the Physical
“And you will have treasure in heaven”

5. A Total Dependence on Jesus

“Then come, follow ME.”